Freddie the Artist & the A Team!

Freddie the Artist

Freddie Venezia, aka "Freddie the Artist", started as a graffiti artist on the subways of NYC in 1978, eventually expanding from the railways to the runways, designing print designs for top clothing companies in NYC and the entertainment industry. He discovered a love for working with an airbrush and quickly developed a reputation for work on textiles as well as murals and canvases.

He opened his first airbrush store in 1984 and painted at his first Bar Mitzvah at the Trump Plaza Hotel in 1986. He was one of the few airbrush artists working at Bar Mitzvahs in the NYC metro area during that time, eventually employing over 15 other artists. He expanded his business and would often travel outside the U.S. including Europe, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Mexico to paint at high end events.

In 1989 he was accepted to the prestigious School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where he trained as a traditional artist and sharpened his cartooning skills and received his BFA. It was also during this time that he started doing illustrations and cartooning for local and nationally distributed magazines and newspapers. He moved to South Florida with his family in 2003 but continues to commute to New York for gallery shows of his artwork.

While he has grown as an artist, his heart still lies in his beginnings as a graffiti artist and he has painted several times in the Wynwood art district in Miami. At Bar Mitzvahs he combines the skills that he acquired at SVA but continues to utilize his graffiti skills and the raw art of his youth, making his artwork both unique and filled with energy. With almost 30 years in the party industry, he has mastered the art of entertaining a wide variety of guests and providing a smooth running experience to the host and give you high quality work for very reasonable rates.

At Art Spot Airbrush, we always work hard to make your event a very memorable one for you and your guests! Thank you so much for taking the time to find out about us and we look forward to working with you! .

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