We have several packages to suit your needs that you can choose from. Once you select your package, you choose 3 types of items for us to bring to your event. Your guests will choose 1 of those three items, and then choose a design, colors and name that they want on the item. The assistants will then prep the item to be painted. Once everything is dry, your guests' item is then given to them with care instructions.
We bring sizes ranging from Youth Small to Adult XL. If you have a guest that you would like to receive an item that is smaller or larger, you can let us know so that we can do our best to accomodate.
Prices depend on many variables including the amount of time we will be there, which items you choose, and how many artists you have at your event. If one of our packages doesn't suit your needs, we will do our best to make one that does.
We will ask for a list of kids' names that will be attending your event. This will help us to make every effort to make sure every child present receives an airbrush favor. Please provide a list with the guest's FIRST NAME and first letter of their last name, this way we can check them off as we go. If there are any adults that you are including in your orders, please include their names as well. If possible, please type the names in Microsoft excel or word so we can easily organize into our format.
A 10 foot by 10 foot space, preferably in a corner of the room and away from the DJ so we can clearly hear what your guests are ordering. A DEDICATED, GROUNDED electrical outlet for our airbrush equipment. A 6 foot tables, two chairs and a tablecloth. For added safety, a drop cloth will be placed around the artist's work space. For the hearing safety of our employees, we don't allow our setup to be next to any large speakers due to us not not being able to communicate with guests with earplugs in.
To help set in paint, before washing, iron directly on design on high heat with no steam for 5 minutes before washing (recommended) or put in dryer on high heat for 30 minutes. Wash inside out in cold water and do NOT use bleach. Hang Dry.
Yes, pre-orders are also accepted!
Yes, there are several options we offer for printing!